All I want to do is make love…


Life is hard and complex. So much to do, so much stress to handle, so many people to please…

Both personally and professionally, my life has been a rollercoaster. My momma says I have to pray and my friends recommend Yoga but all I want to do is… make love.

I really need this right now. I need a man to lay me down and love me, to hold me and kiss me slowly so he can make the stress melt way. All I want is to feel his chest, his comforting arms, and his body. I want to feel his hands touching me gently, softly, everywhere. And by everywhere I mean from the roots of my hair to the tip of my toes. I want him to take his time and savor every inch of my skin while I enjoy the softness of his lips and listen to his breath getting shorter and shorter. I want him to kiss my neck with passion while I arch my back in an undulating motion. I want him to whisper what he planned on doing to me, as the shear anticipation of what’s coming makes me feel completely loose. I want him to kiss my lips, roughly this time. I can’t help but moan. My body is shaking. I can feel my juices flowing.

It’s getting serious. I had enough, and I want him, inside, deep inside. I want to enjoy every stroke, the gentle ones, the rough ones, the fast and the slow ones. I want him on top, so I can gaze in his eyes, so I can feel beautiful, sexy, feminine, irresistible, vulnerable yet powerful. Then I want him to take me from the back. The thrust will be deep. I’ll be submissive to his power. I’ll let him be the leader. Finally I will sit on him so he can see all of me, all those curves nature gave me as I move to rhythm of my heartbeat getting faster by the second. As he grabs my tight round ass, I want to feel it all go, as we cum, together…

My phone rings! My insides contracts of excitement…

Damn it, I’m sitting at my desk. I think I just had a wet dream.


25. Single. Living in Haiti. Writing exactly what I feel. No filter. No sugar coating.


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