Perfectly you, gorgeously imperfect!


This is a response to Moumousse’s article « Authentique avec mon maquillage!« 


(« Lipstick on a pig » is a part of an American expression. It is a metaphor used to convey a simple message: your true nature cannot be hidden, no matter how hard you try.)

Let me reiterate -« I am not here to argue with your beauty standards but what I will do is affirm my position as a man who loves and appreciates the beauty of all women ». I have nothing against makeup. I truly believe that “accentuating and highlighting your best features does add value”.

We all have our principles, and personally I answer to a few of them. « Thou shall speak with no filter » is one of them. Allow me to be blunt. I think you read too much between my lines.

A lot of women of our generation are very susceptible to peer pressure; they let way too much get under their skin. My message may have been lost in translation but it was simple:“You are all unique and beautiful with or without makeup”. I’m right there with you boo and I wish there were more like you. You are “authentique avec ton maquillage » and more power to you. But what about the others who allow the media to make the choices for them? Those who aren’t as free and confident as you are. I think they need to be addressed too! Should I hold my tongue not to be seen as a chauvinist, arrogant prick? I don’t think so.

We see pictures of woman all the time on the cover of the mainstream magazines. Once in a while you get a bald headed black woman with glowing dark skin to appease the « minorities ». The caption reads — « You can be beautiful TOO, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. »

We also see a pattern with the « urban » media. Every day we are blasted with images of plastic surgery, advertising the look of the moment. We see women act with no integrity and take pride in being objects of lust, stripped of all respect and their natural beauty. That caption reads –« Baddest chick in the game ».  These women are free. They have decent salaries, are educated and independent. Naturally they answer to no one. They choose to change whatever they see fit or unfit about themselves and tell society a big « F**k you, I will not be defined by you! ». Is that freedom?

You can be beautiful TOO« . It’s all bulls**t. The cosmetic industry wants you all to believe that you control your look and you should be able to change faces everyday if you want to, express yourself as they call it as long as you keep buying these products. Keep trying, maybe you’ll get there. As long as you are not letting that jerk tell you what he considers beautiful and authentic. As long as you are free, free to try to look like this or that girl.

So once again, I have nothing against makeup. I just can’t stand made up women.


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