Let’s remember « The Forgotten Occupation »


A hundred years! A full century since the beginning of the American occupation of Haïti. We might have forgotten about this occupation because it was just part of the broader application of the Monroe Doctrine by the imperialist United States of America. Perhaps it is a natural reaction to forget that the first free black republic was occupied again after its independence by a nation that we helped in their own struggle for freedom and independence. Then again, it might be that this country continues to have such an influence on our internal affairs that we conveniently skirt the issue and maintain our silence about this occupation and assault on our sovereignty.  An occupation that lasted 19 years, marked by violence, extreme racism, and the overzealous theft of our cultural and national wealth.

While it is quite unclear what activities the Haitian government and the civil society plan to organize to commemorate the hundredth year anniversary of this occupation, we propose that you engage and learn about this project that will help our nation preserve its collective memory about the American Occupation of Haïti. « The Forgotten Occupation » is a documentary on the history of this occupation which is still relatively unknown to many Haitians. Alain Martin, the director of the movie, has done a superb work interviewing historians, artists and journalists, etc. This documentary is a historical piece that will fill this despicable gap in the memory of Haitians and the world regarding the untold story of the American Occupation of Haïti. We invite you to participate in the realization of this movie by supporting the project on Kickstarter.

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