Should Haiti start attracting Caribbean investments ?


There are 2 huge biases in Haiti about foreign direct investments. First, a lot of Haitian individuals and institutions do not think that there is a real necessity for the Haitian economy to attract foreign capital. Second, when we look for international investments the conventional wisdom is to automatically look into developed western economies such as The United States, Europe, Canada, etc. In reality, Haiti can have at its disposal new capital closer to home. Caribbean investors and investment firms are looking to diversify their portfolios within the Caribbean; and the Caribbean country with the largest population and highest population growth is very attractive to investors amid its sociopolitical instability.


During the International Summit on Finance in Haiti, the Ayibopost Team had the pleasure of discussing with Gerald Wight on the prospect of Haiti attracting new capital from the Caribbean market. M. Wight is a board member of “Groupe Profin” and he shared with us his views on Haiti and the future of the Haitian capital market.


It is important for Haitian market and Haitian companies to attract new investments to bring growth back to our limping economy. Gerald Wight with Groupe Profin is working on the implementation of a dynamic capital market that will be able to receive international and Caribbean investments. Profin is also working with Haitian companies to better their institutional structures and governance styles to make them capable of receiving capital from both local and international investors.

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