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Whilst elections are right around the corner, many of us are starting to question our past choices; the political ones which had, most of the time, led the country into instabilities.

A significant number of Haitians think that the battle to gain our Independence more than two centuries ago was the best moment in our history. However others start to argue that it is the time to stop looking in the past and start thinking about a brighter future for the coming generations so our ancestors can be as proud of us as we are of their feat.

On the days following the Earthquake in 2010, we saw a resurgence of patriotism and solidarity across the nation. “Haiti will reborn from its ashes” we sang. “Let’s join our hands to work together so this tragedy won’t happen again,” we shout angrily. Since then, what have we done for Haiti to be able to reborn from its ashes? Have we elected the “right” people in the elections of 2011? Have we identified our priorities before electing them? Have we fought for our needs? Are we starting to move forward?

As a third-world country, the only way to start moving forward is by letting the elected ones know our needs. Our priorities should get a special and important spot in their agenda. « Moving forward » means educating the youth. Don’t we all agree that “The development of the of a nation starts with education”?-A country is as developed as its people are educated-  This especially means that the Haitian people will be able to recognize its representatives’ real priorities and choose accordingly. As a people we will have to pin point the canditates who aren’t just running for office for their personal interest. We need elected officials who will join our voices together for the future of our country.

I would like to urge the future Representatives, the future Senators, our decision makers and every single Haitian to start working on a sustainable plan for Haiti.  Like President Obama once said: “We cannot condemn our children and their children to a future that is beyond their capacity to repair”.

This call for action comes from the bottom of a young Haitian’s heart who is yet to act for a sustainable plan for his country. It also comes from every single Haitian who is exhausted of seeing Haiti being the poorest country of the western hemisphere. This call for action comes from every single person who became homeless due to floods and hurricanes because our waterways are full with waste such as grit, plastic materials, polystyrene materials.

Let’s be a part of the change and may we have brighter days.


Olivier Sénat



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