Deportations on the Haitian-Dominican Border


Ayibopost receives exvlusive pictures of the first wave of deportations of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian decent on the border. The country has been in limbo for the past two weeks. At first the government gave the impression that the problem was heading towards a diplomatic solution. But over the last 48 hours the discourse has drastically changed. Prime Minister Paul Evans suggests that the government is ready to welcome the so-called deportees, and President Martelly said yesterday that the Haitian government will receive the deportees with dignity. According to our sources on the border no structure has been set up to accommodate the deportees.

So far deportations and arrests are being made on the basis of physical attributes, that is to say, on the basis of skin color. Deportees are arriving at the border without any luggage, which suggests that these people were arrested unexpectedly.

This morning Haitian media (radio and television) have approached the subject in a very shy manner or most of they simply didn’t mention it.

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