We tend to report, discuss, and write about subjects interest us. We write about politics, society, sports, philosophy, art, culture, wellness and beauty, religion or whatever might have passed through our minds that day.

Experts or not, those who write here are expressing thoughts and ideas for discussion. Be it personal convictions or whimsical cerebration, what is shared on Ayibopost is not the be-all-end-all of that subject and your participation is encouraged. Wait, it’s actually mandatory. Read, think, feel, and interact with discussion and conversation.

We will do what we can to ensure a certain level of accuracy, however, what is most important is maintaining the author’s voice and the integrity of their expression. Again, be a part of this and let us know what pushes your buttons and what makes your day.

We have a multilingual audience, and as that audience is primarily Haitian, we hope to have pieces in whatever language is necessary to reach Haitians across the world. For no matter where you lay your head, Ayiti is in you.

Welcome to Ayibopost, read and write to your soul’s content…



Ayibopost’s editorial team