Treat yourself…


One thing I realized about myself is that I enjoy making DIY at home. I am always excited to try any natural recipes and I think they are quick and easy to do. Most of them always involve hair/skin care because that is what I enjoy the most.

Have you ever tried making your own body scrub and using it after a stressful day? It is a must!! Simple things like that can make your day a little better.

I am sharing with you this easy-to-do body scrub that will leave your skin refreshed, soft and vibrant!!!

 Untitled=treat yourself


2 cup of Brown Sugar

¼ cup of Coconut oil

¼ Sweet almond

½ cup of Shea Butter

1 Vanilla bean

1tsp of Lemon Essential oil

MIX WELL and you have your body scrub ready to do its magic on your skin

With a few kitchen ingredients, silky soft skin can be All yours…..



Simple and Complicated is how I can best describe myself. I have a B.A. in Arabic Studies and Nursing forensics and now currently in Medical school. I have a passion for languages and If I possible I would travel the world and learn new languages. I find it amazing. I am the owner of Onaturell a company that sell natural products for hair and skin. My experience with my natural hair and different natural products have convinced me to start my own company. I enjoy learning about anything that has to do with health and lately I've been doing a lot of research about diseases (PCOS,PMS....) that women of my generation are suffering from that prevent them from conceiving. Watch out for a blog or post about Women's Health.


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