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Opinion | Letter to the US, Canada, France, and the Core Group


Li tèks sa an Kreyòl

From: The People of Haiti

Subject: Appreciation letter to the coalition countries “Friends of Haiti”

November 11, 2022

Our dear friends,

We owe it to you, dear friends, that Haiti has gained momentum in her quest for self-sufficiency, that we have made so much progress on a global scale, jumping from 170th on the Human Development Index to now being one of the top countries in the world. Papadoc, the Haitian dictator, once said that “gratitude is cowardice,” but unlike him, we choose to remain a grateful nation.

We, the people of Haiti, do not have the right words to express our gratitude, especially to our American friends. From bringing us some of your own gold reserve right before the occupation, through the eradication of our black pigs under the ruthless Babydoc, your close ally in the region, you have shown us how much you care. From the day of our independence, having fought for freedom yourselves, you stood right by us. As the saying goes, “game recognize game”. The only difference is that you were not enslaved by the British, it was more of a quarrel between two brothers.

We choose to remain a grateful nation.

Since you did not want to wait on the sidelines to witness our destruction, you came in 1915 and changed our lives forever. This was the most prosperous time of our history. When you left in 1934, the economy had completely recovered. Your investment in infrastructure and education sowed the seeds for the development and stability we enjoy today. Even the bloodthirsty Papadoc listened to you.

In 1987, we wanted Leslie Francois Manigat because we believed he was not corrupt and had a better vision than his predecessors. However, you decided that he was not perfect enough. Therefore, you assisted in his removal after four short months, which clearly showed that you had better plans for Haiti. You have shown us time and time again that in the decision making field, even when We The People who live on the land, that you understand the reality much better than we ever will—and you always turn out to be right.

In 1990, when the wave came and Aristide was elected—topping your main man in Marc Bazin, you accepted the result, just the way it should work in a democracy. We were excited to turn the page and you stood right there with us. Moreover, when the oligarchs went to overthrow him after just seven months, you stood in the way. It was a terrible time. You did everything you could to keep democracy alive. Unfortunately, the army was too powerful. You lost momentarily, but in 1994, three years later, you won bigger when President Clinton brought him back—in their face.

We, the people of Haiti, do not have the right words to express our gratitude, especially to our American friends.

When some suggested that you impose an embargo on Haiti, you rejected the idea. “How could you punish the people—your neighbors and friends?”, you said. Moreover, an embargo usually affects the poorest. You decided that only the rich oligarchs behind the coup should be punished—not the beautiful people of Haiti that you love so much. It was also admirable when our beloved exiled President Jean Bertrand Aristide stated that he would rather remain in exile rather than forcing an embargo onto his loving people in order to be reinstalled as president. He was such a nationalist who would have preferred to die for his people.

When President Clinton brought President Aristide back, you never brought your own army to tread the ground of our ancestors out of respect for our constitution. One of the first and most meaningful actions was the disbandment of the corrupt army, the machine of coups, political instability, and human right violations. With the support of President Aristide, you established the National Police, the perfect force we have always needed. That was such a smooth transition. That institution—to the contrary of the army—has made the country safer.

He was such a nationalist who would have preferred to die for his people.

Since they work closely with the D.E.A units, drug smuggling through Haiti into the United States is now the lowest in the Caribbean and Latin America. It never melds into political conflicts of interest—never serves or takes money from the oligarchs. Unlike the army and the Tonton Macoutes, our national police does not terrorize our poor citizens during demonstrations against the corrupt government. Corruption has been long dead on the island. Additionally, our elections are now fair game because of the professionalism of the National Police, with all due credit to you, the wonderful friends of Haiti.

We are sorry that things got out of hand in 2004, when Jean Bertrand Aristide, version two—the man of the people whom you took upon yourself to bring back in 1991—was no longer a priest or populist, but a corruptible sinner. Who knows what happened to him? They might have cast a voodoo spell on him and flipped his left cerebral hemisphere into the right. These voodoo-practicing people sometimes do things that western medicine has yet to figure out. He had lost interest in the people to ensure the depth of his pockets. The people wanted him out, so you listened. You took him out and made sure the police force you created was up to the task without firing a single shot.

He had lost interest in the people to ensure the depth of his pockets.

Following his departure, you brought in your strong, virtuous, and large servant, Gerard Latortue, to lead a transitional government. Within two years, Gerard miraculously pacified the country and organized elections where René Preval prevailed—the president who never had more than ten drinks of raw alcohol a day.

During that transition, once again, you decided not to bring your marines on Father Dessalines’ soil. The police handled it all by themselves. We knew you were always right—you always know what is best for us. The army would have messed it up. They would have found a way to create a coup; this was the single thing they were good at besides killing the people. At that point, we definitely confirmed that Haiti had no need for an army.

In 2010, after the devastating earthquake that could have killed almost 500, 000 people in Cuba or even in California, the emergency medical system, firefighters, and first responders who you helped us train cut that number down to only a couple of hundred victims. If we did not have those great hospitals you built for us and doctors that you have helped us train, it would have been a catastrophe. You always seem to be able to help us see things that we never see on our own.

René Preval prevailed—the president who never had more than ten drinks of raw alcohol a day.

We were amazed by the government’s provision of shelters for all, including food, clothing, air conditioning and heating, ambulatory classes for children, and teachers for the few homeless families. We were also grateful for the missionaries you sent to pray for us. We are not sure if it is because of the language barrier, but most of the time, unless you come and pray for us, miracles do not happen. Six families were extremely blessed through those prayers, as the Red Cross spent the whole 500,000,000 dollars they collected to build each family a mansion.

During the campaign for the 2011 elections, we were so blinded that we chose a female president whom we thought was the better choice for the time because the other candidate from the “Tèt Kale (Bald Head) Party” was a half-literate bully who pulls down his pants in public. You stood up and chose him because he was definitely the right choice. We are not saying that the results were falsified here, no—that is not what we mean. We finally understand that sometimes, even in a democratic country, if a person is an imminent danger to the society and is willing to reverse the course of established principles, there should be means to stop it.

That lady was way too educated and it would have set a terrible example to our christian youths. In our country, too much education is the root of all evil. She probably would have tried to prove that God did not exist and that Karl Marx was the savior instead. We were relieved that you discovered it before we did; otherwise, she would have been elected president and the country would have taken a drastically different path.

That lady was way too educated and it would have set a terrible example to our christian youths.

During your elected president’s inaugural speech, he said that the country was wide open for business — all kinds of businesses. With part of the 4 billion from the Petro Caribe funds from Venezuela, his government has built 25 stadiums throughout the country. Our stadiums are now even nicer than those in North America. Furthermore, the players love hanging out at our beaches. “What a great place for a family retreat,” Clint Dempsey has said of “île à Vache,” in a post-match interview during the 2015 Gold Cup at Laurent Lamothe’s stadium.

Within the past 11 years, with the Tèt Kale Party (PHTK) at the head of affairs across the country, based on your choice and under your strict supervision, our quality of life has increased significantly. We, once again, have trains and great transportation conditions, modern hospitals, and schools all over the country. We now have a literacy rate of 99.96%.

When the diaspora suggested an additional fee of $1.50 dollars on each money transfer to Haiti so that every child could receive an education, that proposition was rejected by the government because with your support, every child in Haiti receives an education equal to that of children in the US, France, or Canada. You declared that children were the future, so you placed a greater emphasis on education.

Furthermore, the players love hanging out at our beaches.

The first term of the Tèt Kale regime, from 2011 to 2015, has been one for the history books. There was a net growth of 15% in the economy and GDP per capita went all the way to 40,000 just behind the US and Canada. American rapper Kanye West (Ye) bought a small island in Haiti, where he plans to retire and preach the gospel.

In his 50s, Haitian rapper Wyclef is still trying to make some music to get some money to buy the Tortuga island (Ile de la Tortue). We were surprised that his candidacy was rejected when he wanted to run for president. He ran a non-profit organization that did such a great job after the earthquake, which proved he would have led the country successfully, just like his non-profit organization. As the people of Haiti, we are so proud of him for taking our flag with him everywhere he goes.

About a year ago, our beloved president was assassinated. Unfortunately, we still do not know what happened. Since there were so many parties involved, it is difficult to know how things transpired. Some say it was from within while others say it was planned. However, we are certain that, so far, other countries and friends of Haiti had either predicted and, in some cases, even prevented events of that magnitude, even if they came from within. Some say he was a good man — of course he was. He was handpicked by the individual right before him, whom you picked for us. He had enough money to have 25 expensive vehicles in his convoy, but could not afford a house in a decent neighborhood. He lived near a ravine, although we do not judge people on their preferences.

The first term of the Tèt Kale regime, from 2011 to 2015, has been one for the history books.

When the people ask for the surveillance camera footage, everyone presses the mute button. Some claim he had a big secret he was ready to reveal, but we are not sure if it was finally the truth about the banana plantation or drug smugglers within the Tèt Kale Party. Either way, we were really surprised that for once, our friends, the coalition countries friends of Haiti and the Core Group, had no clue about what happened to the president, were not aware of any threat, and had no idea that the mercenaries had acquired their weapons from a firm in Florida.

The aftermath of his death was the most chaotic. While the people were frustrated that our friends had let our president down for the first time, there were rumors regarding a long list of individuals who might have been involved in the assassination. To the people’s surprise, one of them was Dr. Ariel Henry—who did not remember that he had several conversations that same fateful night with a person accused of planning the assassination— and was innocently chosen by our dear friends in the Core Group to forge ahead in lieu of the president as a prime minister.

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When the judge on the case said that Mr. Henry needed to appear in court with his lawyers to answer questions related to the conversations he had that night with the suspect, he fired the judge. One day on TV, he said he was so powerful that he could declare war. We all know that Haiti no longer has an army, but people misinterpreted what he meant. As a Christian, he meant that with his army in heaven, he could declare war to any evil force in space.

The socialist opposition in Haiti keeps talking about gangs. However, there are almost no gangs here. The closest group affiliated to the government is led by a revolutionary who used to be a police officer. Due to his charisma in the force, the government thought that he would be a great asset if he led a group of 1,000 soldiers (again not gang members) armed with AKs and assault rifles to fight alongside the police force, which was armed with 9 mm pistols. In Haiti, we do not manufacture war artillery leaving only the US to thank for providing them, and to our government for letting them get through customs and into the hands of those harmless groups of active citizens.

One day on TV, he said he was so powerful that he could declare war.

This has been a well organized conspiracy perpetrated by a small group of socialists, who are jealous of our breakthrough against the almighty government of the great doctor, savior and king Ariel Henry, our Christian leader, “man of no sin” whom you, via Mme Helen La Lime (US citizen and special representative of the UN Secretary-General of Haiti) and the Core Group have designated to reign here. Moreover, by a tweet, so that the whole world could witness the level of transparency and utmost respect held for the Haitian constitution.

The gang issue is a tremendous hoax, the biggest of the century. Traveling through Martissant becomes fluid. Every weekend, college students from Port-au-Prince flock to the beaches of Jacmel and the Arcadian coast. Places like Cité Soleil, La Saline, Bel-Air, and Croix Des Bouquets have become tourist destinations.

We are afraid that by helping us so much, our citizens here will soon have a better quality of life than your own. There are also no kidnapping networks either. It is again a big hoax, a conspiracy by the leftist opposition to get to power. Those alleged kidnappings of 17 Americans were also fake news, a made up story to make us look bad.

Every weekend, college students from Port-au-Prince flock to the beaches of Jacmel and the Arcadian coast.

The government has done a tremendous job to mobilize all of its forces to fight the few real gangs—the ones created by those leftist socialists. At one point, there were wanted pictures of them everywhere. Most of them have been arrested and are now incarcerated in the national penitentiary. Only a few of them managed to escape and made it to the mountains. We believe we have won that fight. Nowadays, the police do not have much work.

We believe that our justice system is the most powerful anchor that keeps the country safe. Our judges never take bribes from the guilty to put the proven innocent in prison because freedom cannot be bought. We never have kids placed in juvenile detention for 10 years or more without ever seeing a judge. Those things never happen here. Because of the million jobs you have helped us create, there are a lot less people in jail. Perhaps, like the Dutch, we will soon close some of our prisons. We should build more universities. We could even end up finding the cure to cancer.

In reality, our main problem here is this leftist elitist group and social media’s Faux News. They share all their propaganda to try to mislead the people through posts on Facebook and Twitter. However, we have not flinched. They have accused President Trump of calling Haiti a “shit-hole country”, which was not true—he never said that. In fact, President Trump loves Haiti. He worked so much, even tweeted his support to President Jovenel at 3 am while eating McDonald’s. He plans to have his fourth wedding on the beaches of Cap-Haitian one day.

Nowadays, the police do not have much work.

The media even tried to spread the falsehood that the US took Haiti’s gold reserve back in 1914 and never returned it. They manufactured the lie that President Clinton destroyed Haiti’s rice production in favor of his friends in Arkansas and that the US has pushed to implement laws that cut fees on imported goods from over 30% to just 3%, which is a big lie.

The media even hated President Barrack Obama. “How come the first Black US president has never visited the first Black Republic?” they ask. They constantly state that if there was not a Haitian revolution, it would have taken another 100 to 200 years of slavery until another Desssalines or Toussaint was born. They failed to mention that Airforce One was already on its way to Haiti, when the president received a call about a voodoo ceremony outside of the airport where the leftist group planned to magically turn him into a bull once he stepped out. “Beware of them voodoo people Barack because they can turn people into any animals,” Michelle’s mom told President Obama while he was checking himself in a mirror that morning. Obama got scared and ordered the pilot to turn around.

More than 26,000 Haitian tourists have landed on the tarmac in Port-au-Prince so far under the Biden Administration. However, the socialist losers were quick to accuse the US government of deporting hundreds of Haitians when, in reality, those people are the rich Haitian diaspora returning home because they heard the country has now become the real Wakanda.

We are doing great, but these evil leftists are trying to twist their minds so that they can have hate in their hearts.

The media is brainwashing our children with the notion that they need to learn their history, and that it was not told appropriately because it was told by the oppressors. Well, our children do not need that. We are doing great, but these evil leftists are trying to twist their minds so that they can have hate in their hearts. The media even went further to teach our children that our great friend, France, charged a ransom for our independence. However, they can never prove this as they have no receipts. France will always remain with Haiti, the bastion of freedom, le bastion de la liberté.

Also, the media has accused the United Nations of killing more than 10,000 Haitians with cholera and of multiple human right violations, including raping women, boys and leaving behind hundreds of children after they left between 2010 and 2017. They never explained that the women seduced the soldiers first. Anyway, they have no way to prove it. They will invent all sorts of falsehoods to fool the people and gaslight the youth. As a country, we will not let this happen.

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The country will continue to blossom as long as you, coalition countries and friends of Haiti, continue to push for the real type of democracy here, unlike what you have at home, where extreme leftists called progressives like A.O.C. or Jenica Atwin can be elected into congress but here, the youths have no place or decision-making capacities in the policies that will shape their future and that of their generations. And it should remain that way.

Most of them are women anyway and have never held a real job before. They believe that demonstrating against a thriving government, protector of this system, makes them eligible to lead. Some of them are bold enough to think they can introduce a candidate in the next elections, preaching about a new beginning, claiming to be the “generation of rupture from corruption.” Which corruption are they referring to? Are they trying to call you, our friends, corrupt? We will not vote for any candidate that you did not choose for us, our dear friends, because at the end of the day, you never change a winning team. Today, all glory to you, Haiti is once again the pearl of the Caribbean. We would rather have the alcoholic, senile, or better yet go back to the semiliterate bully.

Our friends, may your will be done in Haiti. May you remain powerful for all eternity. May the Core Group and king Ariel reign forever.

Affectionately yours,

The Haitian People.

Written by Claude Louis, MD—Children’s book author.

Claude Louis is a board-certified family physician and the 2021 Medical Society of Virginia Salute to Service award recipient for international medical outreach. Born in the mountains of Kenscoff, he attended Université Notre-Dame d’Haiti medical school, class 1998–2006 and matched at the University of Kansas Family Medicine residency Program in 2012. In 2008, he founded Words In Action Haiti and in 2011 started Words in Action community clinic. He is also an author of children’s books.


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