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Miss attitude!!! She sure is. My hair has a mind of its own. Some days no matter how I try to style it, my hair will not obey (stick to the plan) but rather turns out looking the way it wants to. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes my hair turns out looking better than the hairstyle I was going for initially. But when that attitude of hers gets out of control, I just put her on time out. My time out is just four simple steps: moisturize my hair, section it, twist it, grab a scarf and wrap it nicely. What is so interesting about my time out is that we both end up being satisfied. I step out rocking my wrap and my hair stays under it, moisturized and protected, especially my ends. Who would ever thought that a time out could have such benefits! F
or a long period of time I have tried to find a word or words that would best describe my hair. I wanted to find a word that would not only describe my hair’s texture but also my journey, which includes ordeals, mistakes, hair regimen, etc. The words I came down to are “A New born”. Yes! New born! Often times when mothers describe their experience as a first time mother, they describe it as being challenging. Although it might be challenging they all consider it to be amazing and rewarding in  the end. Through that journey they learn to know their infant, his/her needs, what kind of food he/she likes, when to introduce certain foods, if he/she is allergic to anything. Infants have their own language; they are able to communicate by conveying signs to their mothers and letting them know how they are feeling. My hair is my newborn and it SPEAKS! Her language is not what one would expect it to be. Not your ordinary language! I have learned with time to understand and speak her unique language by feeling, touching and looking at it. The more I pay attention to her the better I get at understanding her. One thing I love most about my hair is that she never hides her feelings. Her typical feelings are Moisturized, Dry, Oily, Healthy and the list goes on.

I could go on for a while telling you about my hair but I will leave you with these few things that it has taught me to realize and accept.

  • Taking good care of your hair is the only thing you need to worry about. Length and health will eventually come along.
  • Learn to know your hair as much as possible. Master that language that she speaks to you. Once you’re able to do that you will be able to determine which products work best for you depending on how it feels rather than based on what product so and so is using. Understand that this journey is a learning process, which means you will probably make some mistakes along the way and that is okay. The most important is to learn from them.
  • You need to be curious and question everything that is being thrown at you as being beneficial to your hair. Do your own research about a product, read the ingredients. Only until you have done that you will be able to determine if a product is worth giving a try. Remember you have to make the best decision for your baby!! One bad decision can end up causing severe damages to your hair.
  •  It’s okay if your hair is not growing at the same paste as your friends’. Did all babies start crawling, walking and talking at the same time?  If you can accept the concept that we are all different and unique you will learn to appreciate what you have and focus more on your own journey.
  • Your hair at a certain point of your journey will challenge you to be creative. I have realized that hair in general does not like to stick with one hairstyle. You will get tired of it and so will your hair. Your hair is putting your creativity to the test!

Are you ready to take that challenge?


Simple and Complicated is how I can best describe myself. I have a B.A. in Arabic Studies and Nursing forensics and now currently in Medical school. I have a passion for languages and If I possible I would travel the world and learn new languages. I find it amazing. I am the owner of Onaturell a company that sell natural products for hair and skin. My experience with my natural hair and different natural products have convinced me to start my own company. I enjoy learning about anything that has to do with health and lately I've been doing a lot of research about diseases (PCOS,PMS....) that women of my generation are suffering from that prevent them from conceiving. Watch out for a blog or post about Women's Health.


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