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This interview was conducted by Jonathan Fils-Aimé from BizHaiti.com, so make sure you visit his website and subscribe to his podcast after reading this!

Have you ever wondered why you chose the specific shirt you are wearing right now over the one from that other designer that was folded right next to yours, although they were almost identical in design, quality and pricing? We bet you haven’t so let us fill you in on a secret: it’s because a team of ten people spent hours brainstorming in front of their computers, high on coffee and lack of sleep, trying to come up with the best ways to make you believe that the shirt you bought is a much better « investment » the one folded next to it. And that, my friend, is what experts call branding!

In this interview, Jonathan Fils-Aimé talks about the power of branding with Youri Jean-Pierre. Youri is a marketing consultant who specializes in brand strategy. He recently moved back to Haiti to explore and test the market’s reception for strategic consulting but continues to co-manage the clothing boutique he owns in Jersey City. If you live nearby, feel free to pay his partner a visit at Exotik; they will gladly have you… if not, take the virtual tour and visit their Facebook page.

The interview addresses cool aspects of the marketing field as Jonathan and Youri discuss the processes behind the making of a brand that can really engage people and bring value to a project: brand image, strategic creativity, responsiveness, adaptability, market knowledge, innovative thinking and strategy execution… They also tackle the specificities of the Haitian business community comparing them to those of the New-York market, as they talk about the new generation of entrepreneurs who are propelling their start ups by enhancing their visibility and strengthening their brand identities. The interview is a gigapixel panoramic view of the marketing industry and provides great insights on how to ignite and leverage high-impact brands to create real value for any business.

Either you are an entrepreneur, someone who wants to launch something soon, someone who is passionate about marketing or someone who wants to understand the competitive landscape of the Haitian or the New-York market or the underlying dynamics of the marketing industry, this podcast is for you. So, listen, enjoy and gain new perspectives, insights and ideas on how to solidify brand recognition and stay on top of your game.



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