How Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) can change Haiti !


For a country like Haiti local financial resources are very limited to both the private and public sector. In order grow its economy, Haiti needs to look beyond its borders for investments. Foreign Direct Investment is a mechanism that allows and encourages flows of capital from one nation to another in exchange for significant ownership stakes in domestic companies or other domestic assets. To have FDI that positively impact a country an entire system has to be put in place by both central and local governments. A lot of these investments requires some infrastructures to receive them. The country receiving them needs a clearly defined investment policy and the legal structure to welcome FDI in the key desired sectors.

But how do a country attract foreign investors? The same way any business sell its products or services, promotion and marketing. Haiti needs to put the infrastructure necessary to sustain those potential investments and it needs to promote itself around the world as a great place to do business. Ayibopost discussed with Trevor Killen the importance of FDI for a country like Haiti. Mr. Killen is a specialist in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and investment promotion. With more than 30 years of experience he has worked in the US, the UK, Ireland, Europe, Rwanda, India, Kurdistan, Palestine and Afghanistan.

This interview was conducted during the International Finance Summit in Haiti in which Mr. Trevor Killen had a presentation on the mechanism behind the process of attracting FDI in a country.


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