Faces of the world



A¬†few days ago, lost in¬†deep thought, I¬†got a¬†“revelation”. Not sure where it came from but it seemed quite accurate, at¬†least to¬†me. “Why is the¬†earth round?” I¬†asked myself. It’s the¬†kind of¬†question that doesn’t require any answer yet, we find ourselves wondering about while laying on¬†the¬†sand or¬†on¬†the¬†toilet… ¬†really, no need for¬†a¬†specific environment to¬†question the¬†WHYs of¬†creation. But then I¬†created my¬†own answer: “The¬†earth is round because everything we give on¬†this earth, comes back to¬†us in¬†another form”. Yes, it is a¬†circle. What we think, we attract. What we give, we receive. What we speak, we create.

So, in¬†a¬†world as¬†round as¬†ours, why stay in¬†the¬†same place? If we have the¬†ability to¬†spread love or¬†other kinds of¬†positive things, why not move? And¬†who knows, we might end up learning more in¬†places where we thought others would learn from us. This is the¬†beauty of¬†it. Also, instead of¬†changing things, why not appreciate them? We are so focused on¬†non-important things that we forget how to¬†read people. Yes… read them. What I¬†mean by¬†that is simply observing them. One face can hide thousands of¬†stories. During my¬†travels, I¬†took the¬†time to¬†capture a¬†few faces. Let’s simply call them “Faces of¬†the¬†World”.

We are so different, yet the same. We have feelings and emotions, we get hurt, we love, we grieve. But we might get so lost in the differences of the physical appearance that we forget that on the inside, our hearts beat the same.

People’s reactions when I¬†ask if I¬†can take their picture shows me a¬†piece of¬†their personality.

This is a man from Cap-Ha√Įtien, Ha√Įti. I was fascinated by his eyes so I told him that he was a beautiful man. He seemed so surprised! Like no one ever told him that he looked good before.
This is a¬†man from Cap-Ha√Įtien, Ha√Įti. I¬†was fascinated by¬†his eyes so I¬†told him that he was a¬†beautiful man. He seemed so surprised! Like no one ever told him that he looked good before.


This is a little girl I met in the streets of Hampi, Karnataka, India. She seemed so excited to be captured by my big camera.
This is a little girl I met in the streets of Hampi, Karnataka, India. She seemed so excited to be captured by my big camera.


This woman was selling bracelets in¬†Thailand. She had no teeth but it didn’t keep her from smiling!


There is no time to¬†be bored in¬†a¬†world as¬†beautiful as¬†this. All the¬†people around us are a¬†chance for¬†us to¬†grow and¬†appreciate what is different from us. The¬†beauty of¬†this world is not simply in¬†what we¬†see¬†directly but in¬†what we see through people. It is seeing a¬†million stories behind their eyes and¬†realizing: ‘Their spirit is probably the¬†same as¬†mine”.



Ann-Sophie Ovile
I am a girl who is passionate about seeing the world, loving people, the beach, rooftops and red lipsticks. I am trying to make the world a little brighter one article at a time.


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