Créations dorées, when accessory design meets entrepreneurship…

This interview was conducted by Jonathan Fils-Aimé from BizHaiti.com, so make sure you visit his website and subscribe to his podcast after reading this!

In this episode, Jonathan Fils-Aime talks fashion and entrepreneurship with Stephanie Dartigue and Sarah Magloire, Créations Dorées’ co‑founders. Creations Dorées is a Haitian fashion brand that specializes in the conception of sandals, jewelry, belts, headbands and handbags.

Stephanie and Sarah are the creative minds behind the unique pieces crafted by Creations Dorées. They design everything then a team of nine fairy-fingered shoemakers and bead-crafters bring the designs to life. All items sold by Creations Dorées are handmade in Haiti from semi-precious stones and glass beads, cow bones and horns, leather and scarves.

In this interview, the girls talked about their educational and professional background and discussed in length the launching and settling of their business. They even discussed  their upcoming projects as the company is now working on strengthening its international customer base. Creations Dorées currently ship to North America but the girls also have their eyes wide open on the Caribbean and European markets where they hope to expand in the coming years.

Whether you are a fashionista, a prominent entrepreneur or someone who wants to launch something soon this podcast is for you. So, listen, enjoy and gain new perspectives, insights and ideas on how to launch, establish and strengthen your business from the girls’ experience.

Connect with Créations Dorées

Website: http://www.creationsdorees.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Creations-dorees/260751413967474?fref=ts

Instagram: http://instagram.com/creationsdorees



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