100 Happy Days


I recently decided to do this challenge on Instagram called 100 happy days. It’s basically posting a picture daily of something that made you happy that day. That challenge is supposed to be useful to help the participants learn about themselves and the things that contribute to their happiness. It also claims to help bring happiness as it forces you to think and focus on the things making you happy.

I personally decided to start the challenge because I live a very fast-paced, stressful life. I’m also naturally a negative person so it’s very easy for me to forget the « little » happy things and focus on all the chaos. I tend to then not cope well and I’m prone to fall into depression.

I learned at a young age that I have to actively work at being happy, which is the case for most people, I guess. I come off as bubbly, talkative and happy but it’s a facade that I got very good at even if deep down I’m crying and confused.

I wanted/want to feel happy internally therefore I continuously work to get there which is how 100 happy days came in. My boyfriend saw it on Instagram and contacted me about it. I looked it up and thought it was a good idea so I signed up.

During that challenge, I learned certain things about myself like for example, clothes and good hair days make me happy. It’s something so small but focusing on all of the small things allowed me to have more happy days. I was learning to focus on the small happy things instead of the sad or confusing ones.

I did that challenge for 22 days and quit. I have an issue with following through on things – but that’s a story for another post. So if anyone is like me and strives to be happy even if just for 22 days, I encourage you to check out:



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